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We can repair or replace your asphalt!

Spartan Paving is recognized as the leading commercial asphalt company in Michigan and throughout the neighboring states. Whether you need repairs or patches on your existing pavement or you need brand new pavement installed, you can count on our professionals to handle your project with great care and precision, resulting in pavement that functions properly and looks great.

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Asphalt Removal & Replacement

We start by cutting or milling the area, removing any deteriorated asphalt to the approximate specified depth. We will then compact the existing stone base (as needed) and apply a tack coat to the perimeter of any patches, ensuring a strong, proper bond. We then install hot asphalt, usually in two lifts, and accompany it with our multi-ton vibratory roller and/or vibratory plate.

Asphalt Resurfacing

After the preparation and cleaning of the area is completed, we apply the tack coat. We will then install hot asphalt to the proper specified depth and complete the job by properly compacting the asphalt with our multi-ton vibratory roller.


1. Petromat – This non-woven, petroleum-based fabric is used to retard reflective cracking between your existing pavement and any newly-installed asphalt surface. This fabric also acts as a waterproofing membrane and adds structural support and strength. After the existing pavement has been prepared, we will apply liquid asphalt cement before the application of the Petromat.

2. Leveling Binder/Wedging – We will install hot asphalt at various depths to adjust the pitch in existing grades in the lower areas.

3. Butt Grinding/Joint – In areas that require resurfacing to tie it into other existing surfaces (like concrete), we will remove the asphalt and replace it along the perimeter, allowing for proper depth and smooth transitions.

Asphalt Pothole Repair

First, we will clear all debris from the potholes. Then, depending on the season, we will apply hot or cold asphalt mix to fill in the deteriorated areas. We will then compact the asphalt with a multi-ton vibratory roller or vibratory plate. This process is usually used for remedial repair.

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