Infrared Patching

Commercial Asphalt Patching in Clarkston, MI

You may think you need completely new asphalt installation when a simple patch can fix the problem and keep your asphalt working for you without shelling out the big bucks. At Spartan Paving, we have a number of options available to you to patch your damaged asphalt, improving its functionality and prolonging its life.


Using a method that blends new blacktop with infrared-heated existing blacktop, the infrared thermal bond bituminous pavement patching method allows us to create a joint-free integral patch. We use equipment that can heat existing blacktop to a depth of about two inches without the threat of oxidation and burning.


This process takes about 6 to 15 minutes (depending on the temperature of the external air), saving a lot of time in comparison to the old method that involves many days of sawing, excavating, and repaving.

Preparation & Application

We will prepare the area by cleaning all loose debris with a high-powered blower and/or motorized wire broom. We will also scrape loose, flaky paint from parking blocks, light poles, and curbs wherever it is necessary. We can either re-stripe or apply a customer-approved layout to improve the flow of traffic on your lot, and we can even help design the right layout if you are unable to produce your own blueprints or diagrams. We take a number of details into consideration, including traffic flow, width of driving lanes, number of parking spaces, location of fire lanes, and other considerations, like ADA requirements, delivery locations, and garbage collection needs.

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