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It has been brought to our attention today that a former employee of Spartan Paving has made insensitive comments on his personal Facebook page, which have been shared onto other platforms. Despite what is listed on this individual’s social media profiles, this individual is not a Spartan Paving employee, and has not been employed by Spartan Paving since December 2018.

Please know that we do not tolerate racism, bigotry, or vandalism of any kind from any of our employees.

The pain associated with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has gripped our nation and has sparked outrage, unrest, and sorrow worldwide. We must emerge from this moment with a steadfast commitment to eradicating discrimination, racial disparities, and inequities. And we will continue to learn and grow, and do our part to courageously stand up to injustice, inequality, hatred, and all biases that would exclude any part of our great, diverse community of hard working employees that make up Outworx Group.

Our company celebrates diversity and embraces everyone’s lived experience. We stand for social justice, and we condemn every act of racism, brutality, and oppression.

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