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Residential Paving Contractor in Clarkston, MI

We can also complete residential paving services for homeowners throughout the greater Clarkston, MI area. We approach every residential project with the same level of quality and detail we use on our commercial projects. Give us a call for more details about our residential paving contractor.

Sealcoating Procedure

1. Clean surface of all loose debris.

2. Clean designated cracks and fill with hot rubberized crackfiller meeting MDOT spec 3405. If cracks are too deep, we will back-fill the area with silica sand to prevent the rubber from sinking.
3. Heavy silica sand (3-5 lbs. per gallon) and latex modifier (4%-6%) are added to improve wear and increase structural strength.
4. We will barricade the area to allow for proper curing time.

Hot Rubber Crackfilling

1. Cracks are cleaned and we remove all loose debris using a carbide steel power broom, air compressor, and /or high-powered back-pack blowers.

2. All deep cracks are pre-filled with silica sand to prevent the sinking of crackfiller.
3. Hot rubber is applied to cracks using a banded method (1/2" on either side of crack) to prevent water from sitting directly on or near the crack.

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